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What We Do

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Our Services

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Agency or Retail Partnership

We provide services to brands and other sellers to facilitate growth on marketplaces. Our business proposition is simple:

  • Retail Partnership = We own the inventory and sell it. 

  • Agency Partnership = You own the inventory and we sell it. 

Take advantage of our e-commerce services through either Agency or Retail Partnership

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Inventory Checking

Inventory Management

We ensure optimal inventory management for Amazon and Walmart's Fulfillment Centers. From labeling and restocking to repricing products in accordance with pricing policies.


Product price in a highly competitive market like Amazon and Walmart Online impacts sales and marketing performance. 

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising is essential for any brand.

In order to better offer position a brand in the traffic search, we offer a wide variety of digital marketing strategies all based on data-driven decisions.


From analyzing keyword research and search volume to monthly revenue estimates.  Data analysis is indeed a key element of our day-to-day operation. 

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